Meemaw’s Bed & Breakfast

Terror Trail

Field of Distortion

Terror Falls Hospital


Welcome to the Town of Terror Falls!

Visit if you dare! But beware, you may hear the screams and screeches of past visitors who have become close-knit residents of the Town of Terror Falls. Stop by Meemaw’s Bed and Breakfast and hang out on our patio, but watch where you step as things may not be as they seem. Walk the Terror Trail through the haunted swamp and stop for a snack at Uncle Rick’s Smokehouse. Rumor has it, Uncle Rick helps Meemaw supply her legendary breakfast specials! You can also stop by the Field of Distortion and help the search party find our dear friend, Lydia. She is believed to have been last seen taken by two of the Terror Falls residents. Grab a treat at the Terror Falls General Store and enjoy it around the firepit. Don’t worry too much if the residents are in rare form, we have a full on-call staff at the Terror Falls Hospital.